How to install MNavigation plugin?

Required server version: 1.16.x -> 1.20.x Required server software: Spigot, Bukkit,Paper or any ForkedPaper


Dependency Required Download

Any Economy Plugin

Vault: Click me

PlayerPoints: Click me

GrinGotts: Click me

ElementalGems: Click me

RoyaleEconomy: Click me


Spigot: Click me


Spigot: Click me

Polymart: Click me


Spigot: Click me

Polymart: Click me

Installation Steps:

Make sure you installed all dependencies above

  1. Download our plugin via BuiltByBit, Polymart or MineTrone.

  2. Stop server and put jar file in your server's plugins folder.

  3. Start server and wait the plugin load config files.

  4. Whichever texturepack plugin you are using, extract the texturepack you downloaded in it

  5. Enjoy the plugin :)

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