How to use developer api or acces?


Add this to your pom.xml if you use in maven.



Add this to your build.gradle if you use in gradle.

repositories {
    maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }
dependencies {
    compileOnly 'com.github.minetrone:api-mfurniture:{RELEASE-VERSION}'

How to use?

MFurnitureAPI has good javadoc.

You can check it out the mfurniture javadoc Java-Doc

public class Main extends JavaPlugin {
    // Returns Main class of plugin
    Main furnitureMain = MFurnitureAPI.getInstance();
    // Gets storage manager
    StorageManager storageManager = MFurnitureAPI.getStorageManager();
    // Gets adventure manager
    AdventureManager adventureManager = MFurnitureAPI.getAdventureManager();


  • FurnitureBoughtEvent

  • FurnitureBuyGuiOpenEvent

  • FurnitureShowInfoEvent

  • FurnitureDyeEvent

  • FurnitureSubColorDyeEvent

  • FurnitureDyeGuiOpenEvent

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